05 Feb

Since I’m still working on January’s sweater, I wanted something quick for February: 3-Hour Sweater 1930s.

I used 3 skeins of Red Heart Eco-Ways in Asparagus. Not normally a color I would choose, but it is to match a green and purple iridescent houndstooth fabric I got at Britex. I’m planning to make a skirt, and want a sweater to complete the outfit.

I altered the pattern a little, going for long sleeves and a tie closure instead of a button.

The pros:

  1. Although it took longer than three hours, it was a quick and easy sweater to knit
  2. Very cute!

The cons:

  1. The yarn itches like crazy. I can’t wear it
  2. The bottom rests right at the waistline of most of my skirts, making it a little too midrift-y for work.

Conclusion: Conceptually, the sweater was a success, but realistically it’s going into the clothing exchange bag. I will be making another of these, in a nicer yarn.

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