Over Potting

10 May

I went to a pot luck housewarming/birthday party last weekend, and as usually I brought a lot of food. But there were all these recipes I wanted to try! And a pot luck provides and nice selection of guinea pigs for something like:

Twinkie Bread Pudding!

This came about after the Double Down incident, when I speculated about what would be an appropriate dessert to serve with KFC’s newest sandwich. Most of the ladies declared it “surprisingly edible” while quite a few of the guys really, really liked it. I think enjoyment of the dish depended on whether twinkies were something remembered fondly from childhood or something viewed with distrust.

I also made a non-joke cake:

Chocolate-Ginger Yogurt Cake

Based on this recipe at Smitten Kitchen.

Also, a potato salad:

Potato Salad with Yogurt-Dill Dressing

And some yogurt ricotta:

Yogurt Ricotta with Dill

The recipe for ricotta I learned uses cultured buttermilk and lemon juice. But using yogurt gets you similar results and has a nice tangy flavor.

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