19 May

This sweater is based on one worn by the teacher in Mad Man at the end of season 3. I used a braided cable rather than the plain cable used on the original.

Mad sweater


  1. Another sweater made using yarn I frogged from a failure. Another better sweater.
  2. I really like the yoke. It turned out just like I envisioned
  3. It worked! Another pattern I made up as I went along, another success (where success = wearable. There are some things that could be better, see below).


  1. It’s a touch tight in the shoulders. I didn’t get the decrease shaping quite right, I think.
  2. The collar looks weird if I have the sweater buttoned up all the way
  3. The button band looks bunchy from the bust up (when buttoned)

Conclusions: I’m going to count this as a win. I wore it out on Mother’s Day and it was nice and toasty in the face of all the wind.

Cable yoke!

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