Dear Blog, I didn’t forget about you

04 Jul

It happened with livejournal. It happened with Facebook. I get excited by some sparkly internet glitter, and the momentum of that excitement keeps me posting (or obsessively updating my status) for about two to three months. Then if becomes more like work. Then it becomes something to be actively avoided and/or feared.

This downward spiral never happened with Netflix or Goodreads or Ravelry because the built-in rewards are so great. Look at all those movies I’m going to watch. I’m going to stream one right now and then add some more to my queue! I’m reading a book, and I’m on page 107. Now I’m done, and I have some thoughts about it! I will knit this sweater, maybe. But I will remember that I maybe want to knit it because it is in my queue!

I realized I was getting close to actively avoiding my own blog, which is silly. But when the whole premise of the blog is a sweater a month, I really only have to post once a month. And then it is so easy to just not post at all. Which will not do! So I am going to make a special effort to post more stuff, between sweaters. I have resolved to treat it like vitamins. Vitamins aren’t delicious, and I can’t feel them working, so I forget about them. But they are important, so I turned taking them into a nightly ritual. And now I take them every night! Will power!

With that same will power I will now blog at least once a week. It will be good for me, and even if I never love it as much as looking for new movies/books/sweaters to add to my queues, I will at least get used to it.

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