The Rest of May

08 Jul

June’s sweater has been done since mid-June. But it is lying neatly folded on my coffee table and so missed last night’s photo session. I will probably rectify this before the end of July.

Anyway, here is the other sweater I did in May.

Orange you glad to see me?


  1. I’m not really a fan or orange, but this color grew on me as I worked on it.
  2. Another sweater pattern I made up as I went along that turned out okay.
  3. This stitch was really fun to knit.


  1. It itches!
  2. It could stand another 1/2 inch across the bust. I just figured out the best way to do this with July’s sweater.
  3. Definitely need to wear a cami under this one.

Conclusions: I really like the way it looks, but the combination of itchy plus a little tight in the bust means I’m not thrilled with wearing it. Maybe my sister will like it.

I also made a baby blanket for my cousin and finally finished the Deadliest Afgan (if by finish you mean got bored and declared it done). The Deadliest Afgan is so named because I crocheted most of it during a Deadliest Catch marathon, and the motif looks like opillio crabs in pots to me.

Deadliet Afgan (purple) and Baby Bobbles (turqoise)

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