17 Jul

It’s the middle of July and I am finally getting around to posting the June sweater. I need to work on my timeliness. Anyway! This is from yarn rehabilitated from my second attempt at the 1930s 1-hour sweater.

One day I will take better photos of the sweaters


  1. Berroco Comfort (in all its weights) is a wonderful yarn. It feels like jersey and I am absolutely not allergic to it!
  2. The butterfly stitch makes for a very cute pattern.
  3. The fit is great! I have to wear it with my higher waisted skirts if I don’t want to flash belly ( I don’t), but this time that was a design choice and not a mistake.


  1. I messed up one of the butterflies. It is severely lopsided.
  2. Sometimes the yarn splits so you only have half the threads on the needle, the other hang hanging off, looking messy.
  3. The bottom of the button band is a little wonky.

Conclusions: I was really reaching to find those cons here. I love how this turned out, even though the neck band exasperated me and I had to rework it several times. Berroco Comfort is fantastic. It’s got lovely colors, multiple weights, and doesn’t itch at all! I’m guessing I will have many more  sweaters made from it.

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