26 Jul

This is the Que Sera sweater that was originally posted at

Will this sweater be a hit? The future's not mine to see...


  1. Once I got the pattern stitch memorized and didn’t have to keep one eye glued to the chart it was a lot of fun to knit.
  2. The pattern called for knitting it flat to the armholes. A bonus since I hate side seams.
  3. Although the pattern doesn’t specify, I made a cute box pleat at the shoulders. It works really well in to the pattern stitch.


  1. My love of Comfort has dimmed a little when I discovered that it MELTS. I have to pay scrupulous attention to the iron temp and make sure it doesn’t go from “hot enough for blocking” to “hot enough to ruin everything and make me cry.”
  2. It is smaller than I anticipated. I won’t know if it is smaller than necessary for a few months. Grr.
  3. I’m not a fan of the collar, but it might look okay on a person.

Conclusions: I do not know! It looks cute lying on my bed, but will it work as a sweater? Only time will tell.

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