Round Yoke Sweater Redux

26 Jul

So I frogged April’s sweater and reknit it, this time in the round to the armpits and without all the shaping. It fits in general, but now the armholes seem very wide, so that the sleeves encroach in to the chest area too much. You know how the backs of certain Regency dresses are almost more sleeve than bodice? That’s what the front of this sweater looks like, and it is weird. If I want to wear this, I will have to pull it out and redo the armholes. The question is, do I even want to wear it? The pattern is cute, but I am noticing a distinct itchiness when I try it on. Do I want to bother fixing a sweater I might not ever want to put on?

You probably won't wear me because I'm itchy! But doesn't my round yoke look nice?

Nice yoke

Additionally, I discovered that what the pattern calls make 1 is really a yarn over. No wonder my eyelets weren’t coming out right.

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Posted by on July 26, 2010 in knitting


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