05 Aug

I named this sweater Dragon Flower after one of the Hwarang groups in Great Queen SeonDeok, a fantastic Korean drama conveniently available on hulu. It’s about a dynastic struggle in the 7th century and has one of the best villains ever, Lady Misil. Machiavelli’s got nothing on her. If you love historical dramas, this should definitely go in your queue. Although to be honest, I stopped watching at episode 52 and really should have stopped at 51 to preserve the illusion of a happy ending. I just couldn’t bear to watch more betrayal.

The Hwarang all wear blue under tunics, and then various color-coded over tunics. The Dragon Flower’s uniforms were different shades of blue, much like this yarn. I used embossed moss stitch ribbing on the cuffs, bottom, and collar and dot stitch for the body (both from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker). I think it looks vaguely like armor, making the name doubly appropriate.

To keep you warm on those cold Silla nights


  1. As promised on the product copy, this yarn is soft and cozy and not itchy.
  2. I really like the way the dot stitch works with the color gradations.
  3. I was going for a comfy lounging sweater, and that’s what I got!


  1. It fits, but to be a true comfy sweater it could use another inch of ease.
  2. The “gauntlet” ribbing on the sleeves could stand to be another inch or two to match the armor gauntlets.
  3. I really can’t think of another con. This sweater basically turned out just as I wanted it.

Embossed rib gauntlet will not stop a sword

*Technically, two days of July and then August, but I’m going to be very busy this month so I’m taking it.
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