13 Oct

September was a big mess of stress, most of it not knitting related. Alternative Press Expo is coming up, and my Couscous buddies and I are putting out our first anthology! This is very cool, but is also required making my contribution, getting everyone else to make theirs, laying out the book, and dealing with the printer. I was a wreck. I did just barely manage to finish a knitting (well, crochet) project (blocked and ends woven in in October, but all major construction done in September) for my friend Samantha, who is having a baby. I made the Stitch Diva Endless Cardi, figuring she could use it both pre- and post-birth, throw the lapels over the baby while nursing, cinch it once the baby weight starts to go, etc. I crocheted it in Berroco Comfort DK, which is washable and cozy. I really liked the way the pattern stitch looks, but this might not have been the best yarn choice. But the one I saw in person at Stitches was heavier and while not coarse, it wouldn’t have been a good choice for something you  wear around a newborn’s tender skin. Of course I forgot to take a picture. Maybe I’ll get one once the little guy makes his appearance.

I’m hoping to have my next sweater done in time for APE, which shouldn’t be too hard since I am 1/3 through the last sleeve. Now if only the weather cooperates and there aren’t any hideous sizing issues to surprise me…

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