I am still too lazy to take pictures

10 Nov

I’m working on three sweaters right now, which is something I tried to wean myself from during this challenge. But there are extenuating circumstances!

Sweater #1: Almost finished. About 3 inches of the second sleeve and the collar to go. I ran out of yarn and am trying to be good and not buy anything non-essential until after the move.

Sweater #2: Started this one with yarn from the stash because the yarn for my Christmas sweater hadn’t arrived yet. I new going in that I’d only work on it until the other yarn showed up. I managed to get all of the left front completed. Yay! It’s a fun pattern with cables and the yarn is nice to knit with. I did not want to put it down.

Sweater #3: The Perfect Christmas Jumper pattern. I’d been planning this for the December sweater since about February, so I allowed a new yarn purchase for it. It’s not really that fun to knit yet. The k1 p1 ribbing in a 8 stitches per inch gauge was so tedious. Now I’m getting to the color work, but it’s still not as fun as sweater #2. There’s another holiday sweater (actual vintage pattern rather than just based on one) that I want to make, but maybe I’ll adjust it for a bigger gauge. I’d have to change the motif on the chest, but really do I need two holiday sweaters with deer on them?

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