A Splash of Reality

12 Nov

Mere hours after I gleefully bought a mess of yarn for Christmas presents, the alternator on my car died. I managed to make it all the way home, and it collapsed in the driveway before I could get it in the garage. I spent all night worrying that I would get a ticket (the parking enforcers consider my driveway the sidewalk and no amount of contesting has changed their minds). This morning (with the help of AAA and a new battery) I got the car to the mechanics, but I will probably be on my own all weekend. Not a huge problem in the Bay Area, but I’m going to a pie making extravaganza and dinner party on Sunday, and will have to schlep a lot of ingredients to the Easy Bay. And I stupidly tried to push my car into the garage (that’s how much I feared a ticked) and hurt both knees. I also need at least one new tird, since it is visibly cracking. Oh reality, you are always such a stiff drink.

On a less depressing note, I finally took some pictures of the three sweaters I’m currently working on.

Despite the hated gauge, I'm making progress

The Perfect Christmas Sweater. This is pretty true to color. The white is more of a cream, and the red has an old barn feel to it. Appropriate for a vintage sweater. Even though I’ve sworn off 8/1 gauge for now, I’m sure I’ll change my mind in the future, and I’ll definitely consider using Valley Yarn Huntington again.

Cable power

This is the left side of another vintage sweater. Despite all the cables, it worked up quickly. The only time I really needed to use a cable needle was when the center motif called for slipping three stitches (which only happened twice). The rest of the time I could manage just pinching the slipped stitches. This is a much more reasonable 5/1 gauge, and I can’t wait to get back to it.

More cables

The full shots I took didn’t come out well. This is the left side of the cardigan, showing the simple cable detail. I am really close to finishing this one. I just need about 2 inches of sleeve and the collar.

Tonight my goal is to make it at least up to the reindeer motif on the Christmas sweater.

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