Getting Back on the Blog Horse

22 Aug

After spectacularly failing in my New Year’s resolution to sew a thing a month, and therefor also flagrantly neglecting to blog about anything for half a year, I’ve decided it’s high time I get my act together. This is mostly motivated by the fact that I have actually started sewing some stuff, and my wish to document the steep learning curve I am encountering. It will make me feel better to complain about my failures, and I am assuming it will be pleasing to gloat about the victories as I get better. I will also continue to include my knitting projects and the occasional recipe. I’ll try to post about the mess of a dress I sort-of finished this weekend, but it is disheartening. Maybe I’ll skip straight to the skirt I hope to complete tonight.

The dress disaster has driven home something that has been occurring to me over the past few months: while adorable in theory, full skirted 19050s frocks aren’t particularly flattering on me. The 1930s silhouette suits my figure much better, and so even if I don’t sew exclusively from that era, I am definitely going to tone down any skirts to be slimmer (not wiggle, or not always). And that will please me when it comes time to hemming!

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Posted by on August 22, 2011 in blahblahblah, sewing


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