Throwing in the towel

29 Aug

This should have been so easy...

I keep telling myself to remember how many shitty sweaters I made before things started coming out wearable. And even when I was just learning knitting, I made some pretty good hats and scarves! I need to figure out my sewing equivalent of a beanie. It certainly isn’t this pencil skirt.

Last time we talked, I was feeling pretty optimistic about the skirt. I was sure that all I needed was a longer zipper and some tweaks to the darts. So I did all that, including hand-stitching the inside of the waistband and hand-picking zipper (both of which looked really nice). And the damn thing totally doesn’t fit. I mean, it’s not awful around the hips, although I will have to be careful about my underwear decisions. But the waist is about 2.5 inches too big. I’m pretty sure this just requires more messing with the darts, but I do not want to deal with it right now. Another one for my growing pile of stuff to one day alter.

Up next: some kind of shirt.

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