New Hunting Grounds

31 Aug

About two weeks ago I went to my favorite thrift store with my mom and found it sadly changed. They had rearranged all the merchandise (they do this fairly regularly, and I hate it because it throws off my game plan), but also changed the layout of the aisles so that the store was a lot harder to navigate. And the amount of clothing on the racks seemed sadly diminished. The employees were also wearing a different uniform. I’m hoping it’s just a hiccup as they adjust to new management, because it will break my heart if Savers goes downhill. I’ve been shopping there since I can remember shopping.

In happy news, my dad recently recommended Thrift Town, and I had a chance to check it out this weekend. The layout feels a little crowded, and it is a tight squeeze for two people to browse the same aisle. But I found some prizes and the prices are really good.

L-R: Tooled leather, pale green, mauve, navy with a funky buckle

Wrap dress. I need to find somewhere other than my unmade bed to take these photos.

All the t-shirts have puffed sleeves. The blouse is silk!

A polyester shirt of unknown vintage

A blouse I forgot to take a picture of because it was laid out for wearing!



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