That’s a great hat!

02 Sep
My new hat.

Navy straw with a white straw swirl and red bobble

I bought this little number at Modernism a few weeks ago, and wore it out of the convention hall. My friends and I decided to see a movie, and miraculously found parking on Van Ness near the AMC. As I was locking up, the guys in a car waiting for the light to turn rolled down their window and yelled “that’s a great hat!” It was yelled with all sincerity, too. They seemed really tickled to see it, and I was really tickled to hear it.

The label says it is a Maynor Original. Sorry I couldn’t get a clearer picture. The camera was being fussy.

Maynor Original

The hat was missing the rhinestone when I bought it, but by pure magical luck I found this stone in a bag of buttons I bought at Savers. I bought the bag mostly because I could see a bakelite buckle in there, assuming other goodies lurked inside. I was not wrong! Check out how well the stone fits. It’s also more sparkly than this photo lets on.


The rhinestone, fitting perfectly

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