Thrift finds: Labor Day edition

06 Sep

I went with my dad to check out the Thrift Town in El Sobrante on Monday, stupidly forgetting that there would probably be some kind of sale going on. A 50% off sale, to be exact! There were an alarming number of people, which made browsing rather difficult and un-fun. Most of our time there was spent in line, which snaked down the entire length of the store. I’m usually pretty chill about line situations, but the crowding was making me nervous and in response I found myself increasing annoyed at the two women in front of me who kept letting this GAP form in the LINE. Unacceptable!

Anyway, due to crowd-induced stress and the picked-overness of the store, I didn’t get much. One shirt that didn’t photograph well, and isn’t all that interesting. I also found the cutest brooch set: three little mice.

Little White Mouse

I wore the white mouse today.

Red and Blue mice

I can't believe all three mice were still together.

And finally another brooch. The finish has worn off one of the faux pearls, but I still like it.

faux pearl and blue rhinestone brooch

One pearl has lost its lustre.

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