Best bubbly water

08 Sep

After Thrift Town on Monday my dad and I grabbed lunch at Oasis Market on Telegraph. The falafel was okay (I like Holy Land near Lakeshore or Simply Mediterranean on Palo Alto better) and they were fairly generous with the spicy. But the highlight was the sparkling water.

Uludag mineral water

Not just any old sparkling water

I know that sounds suspect, but trust me. First off, Uludag has a nice soft carbonation, unlike some bubblies that feel almost hard or sharp. And it had superior thirst-quenching abilities. Usually I just chug water because I always feel thirsty, but this small bottle managed to last me through the whole of lunch. And I wasn’t immediately thirsty as soon as I finished it. But best of all, it smelled very faintly and delightfully of pine. It didn’t so much taste herbal as have a lovely fresh feeling in my mouth. I imagine this is what unicorns and fairies drink.

Anyway, if you are a fan of sparkling water and ever come across Uludag, treat yourself to a swig.

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