This always happens…

01 Nov

For a while there I was posting a few times a week, and enjoying it. And then I forgot to post for a day or so, and then I forgot I even had a blog. This happens a lot. So once again I am going to try to be better about posting, if for no other reason than I think it’s good for me to stick to a project.

So, Halloween! I dressed up for work, since they actively encourage it here. I went as an extra in Boardwalk Empire (i.e. I had a vaguely 1920s frock and a cloche hat already in my closet). I got the dress a few years back at Crossroads on Haight Street. It’s not actually 1920s, more like 1960s does 1920s. The hat is my sister’s, bought circa 2002 when I was at UC Santa Cruz, at that hat shop on Pacific Ave.

My in my cloche

At the anachronistic desk

Here I am trying a vintage pose at my desk. The dress looks really unflattering in most of the full length pictures, but the one below at least doesn’t make me look like a stump.

full length image of the costume

Making a stupid face

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