Our New Friend the Hutch

17 Nov

Last weekend my mom came up to Oakland to delivery a few early Christmas presents. The first was this hutch, which had only been described to me over the phone. When I first saw it in the back of her van, it seemed like a huge, monstrous 1970’s veneered eyesore. I only saw it for a moment before we dashed off for brunch, so I think the combination of false expectations and the three-second peek were what made it seem so awful. Once I saw it the second time, expecting something awful, I realized it was rather nice. And once I saw it it place (rather than on it’s back in the van), I realized it was very nice.

Our New Hutch

Fancy bowls and glasses now live here

Our nice serving bowls and wine glasses used to live on the top two shelves of the built in cabinets in the kitchen, where neither Elena nor I could reach them without climbing on a chair. This is much more civilized. I also finally unpacked that one box in the corner full of knickknacks, which not only add a nice touch to the hutch, but made the living room seem much larger.

Hutch at a different angle

The hutch and its friend the wee bureau

These two get along quite well with each other.

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