Dinner: Cha-Ya

23 Nov

After Shaenon’s release party, we walked a few blocks down to Cha-Ya, a vegetarian Japanese restaurant. We were very lucky that there was a table for five waiting for us right as we walked in. This is rare, since I’ve heard that Cha-Ya is usually super busy. I think the rain might have has something to do with it.

I had the yasai udon, which is your regular veggie variety. There were more exotic options like the seaweed or the mushroom-braken, but I am not a fan of any of those things.

yasai udon

Perfect for a rainy night

yasai udon

Udon and tea


Elena got the Moon Garden, which is a tofu custard with veggies and ginko nuts.

moon garden tofu custard

Moon Garden


It’s great to have an entire menu of vegetarian options at a Japanese restaurant, and super great to know the broth is veggie. But I was slightly let down by the food. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as I had expected.

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