Dicken’s Fair 2011

02 Dec

I’ve wanted to go to the Dicken’s Fair for years, but weekends this time of year tend to get filled up very quickly, and I’ve never been able to fit it in. This year, I was reminded early by a banner in a BART station, and when I told my mom I wanted to go, she suggested the day after Thanksgiving. This was a genius suggestion. It’s the opening weekend, so the crowd isn’t too intense (although we go there half an hour after doors opened and parking was already a mess) which means it doesn’t get too hot inside the Cow Palace.

Elena in an architechtural hat

This was one of Elena's favorite hats at the straw hat booth.

Mom in a hat

At Petrushka's booth. Mom didn't try on nearly as meny hats as we did.

Me in a hat with a large feather

I liked this hat so much I went back to buy it later. This photo doesn't really do it justice.

Elena in a hat

Elena briefly decided she wanted an aviator's hat after trying on this one.

Me in a bird mask

If these leather masks didn't smell so bad, I would be saving up for next year

We spent most of our time looking at venders and trying on hats. I love hats, so this was perfect for me. I would like to try to catch a show or two next year, but we saw some dancing at Fuzziwig’s and heard singing as we walked by various stages, so we didn’t miss out totally.

Me and Elena

There were sea chantys being sung to our left.

Both my mom and my sister want to dress up next year. Or rather, while we were in the fair, surrounded by others who were dressed up, they felt left out. I know this feeling well, and I was worried that I would feel underdressed. But my coat has a dash of the Victorian to it, and once I bought my hat I felt like I fit right in, even without a hoop skirt.

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