Holiday Gifts: Papel Picado Pillow

11 Feb

My mom is a big fan of Mexican folklorico, so when I saw this papel picado pillow on ravelry I sent her the link. She replied that it would be a good Christmas present, and since this was sometime in October I filed away the information for later. Fast forward to Thanksgiving, the traditional time for me to realize that holy shit I had better get started on my Christmas knits.


Mom replaced the stuffing with an actual pillow, and now it looks even better.

After knitting my Cookie Party sweater, I jumped right into working on the pillow and about three false starts. Joining 430 stitches sucks so much, and the pattern didn’t make it easy to knit back and forth and join later when you have a bit of fabric to help you keep things from getting twisted. If I ever make this pattern again for some weird reason, I would knit back and forth in the main color for a few rows until I could join without twisting the hideous mass of 430 stitches, then start up on the color work.

I like the end result, but didn’t really enjoy the process. Maybe because I had to start over so many times, maybe because I only had two weeks to finish it, so I couldn’t take a break and work on something more relaxing. But I got it done a few days before Christmas, and my mom loved it, so it was time well spent. I also learned that I like Cascade 220 fingering wool, which was a surprise. It was the only yarn I could find that had the right colors for the right price, and I was expecting to have to endure working with a rough, scratchy wool. But it was in fact very soft! My dad even rubbed his face on the pillow Christmas morning saying “It’s so soft!” I don’t know if it’s really soft enough for a sweater for me, but it felt very nice to knit with and there are lots of colors. With a 7-8/inch stitch gauge it would be a good choice for vintage color work.

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One response to “Holiday Gifts: Papel Picado Pillow

  1. atomiclulu

    February 12, 2013 at 6:46 am

    Love it. Papel Picado is a huge win with me, having grown up in the SouthWest. Really any pattern would translate very well to color work. Good luck and I bet your mom will love it.


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