Quick Handmade Gift Recommendation

25 Feb

I went to friend’s birthday recently, which she was co-hosting with a friend of hers whose birthday falls in the same week. I’d had the presents for my friend for months, but I wasn’t sure what to get the other birthday girl. If she’d been a total stranger, I would have just brought some wine. But sine I knew her a little, I felt like I should get her a present-present. But what to get?! I procrastinated on the question until the night before, when I knew my only option was to knit or crochet something with yarn from my stash.

Based on the few times I’d seen her at parties, I thought a detachable collar would suit her style, and while I couldn’t discover her favorite color, I did learn that she liked jewel tones. Luckily, so do I, and I had the perfect Dream in Color yarn (sadly discontinued).

I did a search for free collar patterns on ravelry, and narrowed it down to this one. Because it’s crochet, it worked up incredibly fast, even with the fingering weight wool. I made it 16″ rather than the 19″ called for in the pattern, but since you really only have to make sure you cast on a multiple of 5 stitches (+5+2), it was an easy alteration and can be adjusted to suit any neck size or neckline preference. It is a fun and simple pattern, and I think I’ll be making a few more. I might do a version with one more pattern round before the edging, to make a wider/deeper collar.


This is a bad picture. All the others were worse! Now I have to make another just to get a good photo.

I was a little worried that it wouldn’t suit her style, but it turned out I’d made a good guess and she had something similar on her etsy wish list! Big thumbs up for this pattern.

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