Brooch Collection: The Sparklies

11 Mar

No interesting dinners last week, just reruns of our favorite lentils. So in lieue of food, I thought I’d share my the rest of my brooches, starting with the sparkly ones.

pink rhinestone bouquet brooch

The rhinestones are pink, lighter pink, and a few opalescent clear ones.

I got this one to wear to a wedding. I used it to close a vintage pink chrysanthemum brocade kimono jacket.

Ribbon with white rhinestones brooch

Forever flowing in the breeze.

My mom gave me this one for Christmas last year. I’ve worn it to work a few times when I want to fancy up a plain top. Frankly, I don’t utilize my brooches enough. It comes with often waking up to late to spend the extra moment to add jewelry.

Gold plated wreath brooch with citrine ovals

Are those feathers or leaves?

And my mom gave me this one for Christmas this year. I have a citrine bracelet with rectangle cut stones that goes well with this.

Leaf with white rhinestones brooch

I could not get a better picture of this one. 

And this one came off a sweater from Express. I got rid of the sweater years ago, but kept this because it’s a nice shape.

And those are all my sparkly brooches! Next time I will share my novelty brooches.

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