Making the Hard Decisions

15 Mar

I finally started on my house sweater last weekend, but real knitting was delayed while I tried to figure out which stich pattern to use. I did some swatches and settled on a stich, but once I saw it in the whole width of the sweater rather than a 4 inch square I decided I didn’t like it. Rather than making more swatches and running into the same problem again, I decided to test stitches in the full width. And after a lot of agonizing and unraveling, I finally settled on a version of Swedish Check from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (page 20 if you’re interested).

swedish check pattern

The original Swedish Check calls for you to knit through the back loop for all knit stitches on the right side, but that slowed down my knitting and didn’t change the look of the pattern much, so I ditched it for knitting through the front.

close up of Swedish Check

I just reached the armhole shaping, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish the body tonight. Then on to the sleeves!

sweater and yarn

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