Third time’s a charm?

20 Mar

I’ve had the Round Yoked Sweater pattern in my ravelry queue for years now, but only recently got around to trying it out when I decided to focus on knitting some everyday basics. It’s a quick pattern, and after I converted the weird neck shaping instructions to short rows, it’s an easy pattern too.

BUT. The first time I knit it, I was worried that it would be too tight. All the other projects show it as very skin tight, and I wanted something with a little more ease. So I added 20 stitches, based on calculations that implied it would give a very slight negative ease. Nope! It was huge, but what seemed to be 20 stitches. So I ripped it out and tried again, this time sticking strictly to the pattern.

Still huge! And this time I sewed in the sleeves on before trying it, and they are too big too. I think I can get away with just unraveling them halfway and starting the armhole shaping earlier. But the sweater, once again, seems to be about 20 stitches too big. This yarn has so much give!

So I ripped it out and knit it again, another 20 stitched smaller. And it is still too big! But belting it makes it look okay, so I’m calling it done. I feel like I did it over another 20 stitches smaller, it would still be big! SMC On Your Toes bamboo yarn has some serious give to it. I imagine any sock knit from this yarn would instantly puddle around your ankle. But it does have a nice drape and it’s soft. So maybe reserve it for things like shawls and unfitted garments.

round necked sweater

I wore this for St. Patrick’s Day.


Here’s a close up of the back of the neck. Not terribly exciting, but it shows the true color of the yarn better.

round collar sweater buttons

The buttons look like little hard candies. 


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