Out of the Mending Pile

29 Mar

About a year ago I got a really cute sports jacket from the vintage fashion fair. It was a great price too, because there was a huge rip up the back. Luckily, the fabric itself wasn’t damaged, it was just that the thread had rotted and the slightest pressure made the seam break open. It was an easy fix. Unluckily, the thread in the rest of the jacket is also in a slow state of decay, so every once in a while I have sew up a burst seam.

A few days ago, I was at the video store when I heard a ripping noise. I thought it was just the lining…

rip in lining seam

The lining ripped from the arm pit to the hem, and not show is the sleeve seam ripped all the way to the cuff.

…but the jacket seam had given way too!

jacket seam torn

You can’t really tell from this picture, but the torn lining is on the other side of this tear. The entire side of the jacket had a gaping wound.

Thankfully the seam allowances were still intact, so it was easy to do an alternating running stitch up the seam, using the holes from the previous thread as a guide.

jacket mended

All fixed!

And the lining:

mended lining

Like the rip was never there (sort of).

If you look closely at the lining around the arm hole, you can see that the lining fabric is starting to get chewed up. I’ll have to replace it one day, but I can get away with mending the seams for a little bit longer.

jacket full view

The full jacket.

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