Getting to Guernville

08 Apr

Guernville is less then two hours from Oakland, so when we set off on our vacation adventure, we were able to do it at the civilized hour of noon. I was driving, so when we passed a plaster shark for sale in a freeway-side boat yard near Santa Rosa, I missed the chance to take a picture of it. I will always regret that. I wonder who will buy it and where they’ll put it?

We stopped for lunch in Santa Rosa, and by luck found both a parking spot and the Third Street Aleworks.They make a bunch of interesting sounding beers, and a delicious root beer for us teetotalers.

Housemade Rootbeer

Root beer: Very nicely rooty, with a lingering sweetness that lasted longer after the last drop was drunk

Liz got the nachos and shared with the table. Despite our best efforts, we had to take some to go.

Nacho pile

Making inroads on the massive pile of nachos. There was almost more toppings than chips, a dilemma that I rarely encounter

And we ended lunch with the Berry Lemon Mascarpone Cake. We almost didn’t get it, but one slice divided five ways was a perfect amount. I highly recommend this cake. It wasn’t too sweet and had a great texture, and little blueberries hiding throughout.

Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake all gone

I forgot to take a picture of the cake before we descended on it like locusts

After lunch we drove the rest of the way to Guernville, which was even quicker than I had anticipated. It wasn’t quite time to check in to the cottage, so we went up to the Armstrong Nature Reserve to have a quick hike. We got there right as the sun made a break from the clouds, and had a pleasant hour before the rain flounced back in.

I love Redwoods.

A clearing we could not venture into. It was off limits due to Sudden Oak Death

An art installation? There were quite a few of these at the head of the trail

An art installation? There were quite a few of these at the head of the trail

After our hike we picked up a few groceries in downtown Guernville, found the cabin, and settled down to a fine Regency Feast. Which I will tell you about next time.

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