Sweater Fail

15 Apr

On Thursday I stayed up a bit late to finish the sweater I started in Guernville. It’s “Easy Stitches for a Chic Jumper” from Stitchcraft, and available at zilredloh’s blog here.

Easy Stitches for a Chic Jumper

Maybe this sweater actually only looks good from this one angle

It looked really cute when I finished, but when I tried it on it was massively unflattering. I could make it look okay from the front if I belted it into submission, but it still looked atrocious from the side or back. I think this is mostly the fault of the yarn I used. I thought it would have enough drape, but the cotton turned out to be just a little too stiff. Working with larger needles and adjusting the pattern accordingly might have helped, but that would have made it necessary to wear a cami underneath. I think this yarn is just meant for a structured garment rather than one that drapes and skims the figure.

Finished Jumper

I didn’t have enough yarn to do longer sleeves, but I don’t like sleeves that hit at the elbow crease anyway

It is possible that with some agressive steaming I can transform this into something like a 1920’s tunic top rather than the at-the-waist top it is currently trying to be. Mostly I just want to soften up the fabric a bit so it drapes better, and don’t mind what length it ends up. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll pull it out and save the yarn until I come across a project that calls for soft but rather stiff cotton.

Stitch detail for Chic Jumper

Cute yoke detail

Despite not liking this particular incarnation, I liked this pattern. The sweater was easy to work up, and the only major change I made was to add the sleeve to the round after casting off for the arm holes, rather than doing all the armhole shaping and then joining near the shoulders. It’s similar to the method used for a Scandinavian style round yoked sweater.  I also reduced the length of the sleeves and the height of the neckline due to yarn constraints, but might have made those changes anyway. I’m not a fan of super high necklines or sleeves that hit right at the elbow.

I’m pretty sure I will make this again some day, and when I do I will also make the button placket 6 stitches rather than just 4, and probably reduce the number of buttons. A button every 4 rows is just too crowded.

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