Dinner 4/17/13: Fava Soup

19 Apr

My dad likes to come over sometimes and cook us dinner. Often it’s a recipe he’s found himself, but he takes requests too. This time I asked him to make a version of this soup from 101 Cookbooks (via Rick Bayless) minus the garlic and fire roasted tomatoes.

Fava Soup with Guajilo peppers

Topped with guajillo, cilantro, mint, and queso fresco

Unfortunately, none of us enjoyed the guajillos. While they added a sweetness that blended well with the fava beans, they also add an inescapable bitterness. I’m curious how the pasilla chilis of the original recipe would taste. I love ground pasilla in hot chocolate, so maybe it would add the earthy sweetness with out the bitterness.

I did really like the cilantro and mint topping, so I’m going to try this again with a different spice mixture. And I think I’ll take the easy route and get some canned foul medames instead of using dried favas.

Fava Soup with Guajilo peppers

I’d use parmesan instead of queso fresco next time. But then I put parmesan on almost everything.

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