A Day at the Derby

29 Apr

Bay Area Derby Girls banner

This year I started volunteering for the Bay Area Derby Girls, and Saturday was the second home bout, Oakland Outlaws vs Berkeley Resistance. The Outlaws won 168 to 156 in a game that was down to the last seconds. It was really exciting, and this time I actually got a seat! Volunteers get free tickets, but the box office works until about 15 minutes into the game, so getting a seat isn’t guaranteed.

Here are some crappy pictures I took on my cell phone! I could only get shots of this one section of track right in front of me, which meant I could only get shots of the players skating away. Also they were moving fast, so blurs!

Roller Derby action shot

The Resistance are in the pink jerseys. The Oakland jammer is trying to get past the blockers and score a point.

Roller Derby action shot

Moments later, a skater hit the track. No one was seriously injured, but there were many wipe outs that looked very painful.

I also had some food. There are a bunch of venders at the bouts, including food and booze. I got a smoked cheddar and black bean tamale (which made my hands smell like sausage. I forgot how much I don’t liked smoked products) and a really delicious mint chocolate cupcake.

Tamale and mint chocolate cupcake


The next bout is on May 11, and its the Bay Area All Stars vs Montreal, so it should be a super exciting game. It’s at the Oakland Convention Center, which is right near 12th St BART. If you want to come, get your tickets early (at the link) since its likely to sell out a day or two before the bout.

If you don’t live in the Bay Area, there is probably a derby league near you! Just google roller derby + the city near you to find out.

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