Peach-Mango Butter

04 Oct

My sister and I like to ride to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday, but we also like to sleep in. So sometimes we get to the market as the stalls are packing up. One the one hand, sometimes a booth we wanted to check out has already taken off. On the other hand, many of the booths still left offer end-of-day specials.

Last weekend we got a free bag of discard peaches (5 total). They weren’t so much overripe as horribly bruised. I submerged them in a pot of boiling water for about 15 second to make the skin easy to peel off, carefully cut away all the icky bits, and blended the chunks with two mangos that were starting to get dubious. I pored the puree in a large pot, added 1/2 cup sugar and the zest and juice of two small lemons.Then I cooked on medium high for about an hour and 45 minutes, until the consistency was right. I quickly scalded a mason jar in some boiling water and poured in my peach-mango butter. Then I let it cool before putting it in the fridge. Scalding the jar is a good habit, but since I didn’t heat process it after filling the jar I’m not going to risk keeping it outside the fridge.

Peach-Mango Butter

Five peaches (minus the gross bits) and two small mangos cooked down to just fill a 16oz jar with a bit left over for sampling. In retrospect, I could have used less sugar since even though the peaches weren’t very sweet the mangos certainly were. The lemon zest was a last minute addition. I was planning to just use the juice, but the lemons were fresh from a friends tree and smelled so good… I think the zest really makes this butter. It’s reminiscent of lemon curd, and helps cut the sweetness.

Peach-Mango Butter

Still-warm preserves on fresh bread.

That night we ate it hot on chocolate sourdough bread from the Farmer’s Market. The next night I brought it and my latest version of vegan scones to Downton Abbey night. Everything was a hit, and no one guessed the scones were vegan. I’m still in the experimental stage with them, but I should have a recipe to share soon.

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